A Business is Battered, But Not Broken

Wind and Hailstorm Damage in Houston

Our client’s office building was severely damaged in the wind and hailstorm that occurred in Houston on January 8th, 2016. The lawsuit against the Hanover Insurance Group was unavoidable due to their practices and the handling of our client’s insurance claim. Without anywhere else to turn, our client chose to hire us to make sure Hanover Insurance honored their commitment and paid for roof and damaged air conditioning units.

Huge Hail Causes Havoc in Houston

The wind and hailstorm dropped golfball-sized hail in Houston and the surrounding areas. The local news stations were inundated with images of people holding huge balls of hail. Our client’s property was a large commercial office building built in 1974, which featured five individual modified bitumen-style roofs. All of the facility’s air conditioning units were destroyed by the hailstorm. The roof-mounted units did not stand a chance against the sheer destructive force of the storm. Some exterior damage to the roof itself also occurred.

The Wind and Hailstorm Claim

Hanover Insurance outright denied our client’s insurance claim, stating after sending four of their adjusters, that no damage had occurred. Seeing that negotiating with their insurance company was a dead end, our client chose to sue Hanover Insurance. Our third-party adjusters evaluated the damage to the office building and determined the real property damage was far greater than nothing.

After mediation, our client was able to secure the finances to repair the roof damage and have all of the damaged air conditioning units replaced. Our client’s business would resume operations and their lives could get back to normal.

Houston Property Insurance Lawyers

We can help with your commercial property insurance claim denial. Our experienced property insurance attorneys have represented more than 1,000 clients in cases against insurance companies and aggressively protect the rights of insurance policyholders. Consultations are free. Contact us today.

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