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Commercial Claims Lawyer Jacksonville FL If and when a business owner pays their insurance premiums monthly, without being late or skipping any months, they can rest assured knowing that their property and relevant belongings are protected under their chosen policy coverage.

In the case of natural disasters or accidents, these not only cause physical damage to the commercial spaces, but they can also have various types of impact on the business such as pausing of operations, profit loss, and many more.

When it comes to hurricanes, floods, fires, smoke damage, and the like, the damages tend to be rather extensive. This would draw out longer periods of shelling out money to replace or repair the destruction, without any income coming in. The overwhelming process can take an emotional and financial toll on the policyholder with the only silver lining being if they have invested in an insurance policy beforehand.

As a commercial policyholder, you have every right to maximize your coverage benefits and claim compensation from your insurance carriers. Apart from helping you keep the business afloat, it can also hasten the repair process in order for you to resume operations again. Despite it being the silver lining to your overwhelming situation, filing for a claim also has its challenges. It is a known fact that a lot of insurance providers have the tendency to undervalue a claim, delay the release of funds, or deny a claim altogether.

Because these insurance firms have a strong team of lawyers backing them up, policyholders who are victimized by unjust claim releases or denials can be at a disadvantage. To ensure a fair trial, hire a commercial claims lawyer in Jacksonville Florida to assist you with your case. With an attorney by your side, you greatly increase your chances at receiving fair compensation and getting the full benefits of your hard-earned investment.

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How can you benefit from hiring a commercial claims lawyer in Jacksonville Florida?

With attorneys from the Chad T Wilson Law Firm, you can expect to have your rights as a policyholder and your receipt of full claim under your coverage to be a top priority. We strive to ensure every insurance provider fulfills their obligations to the policyholder by releasing claims in a timely manner and at a fair amount.

In hiring a commercial claims lawyer in Jacksonville Florida with us, you can expect to have the following covered by our services:

  • Your attorney handles all communications, negotiations, and mediations between your party and the insurance company, their representatives, their claims adjuster, their investigator, and all other parties involved.
  • Your attorney handles all the necessary filing of lawsuits, filing of claims, filing for temporary funds that cover business interruption and profit loss, and more.
  • Your attorney handles the emergency situations and the fees that go with it, including electrical safety, short-term roofing, employee wages, replacement of damaged staff work tools, and the like.
  • Your attorney will ensure that your claim is properly calculated
  • Your attorney will represent you in all hearings
  • Your attorney offers legal advice and answers any inquiries you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Mistakes are unavoidable, and even insurance companies make them sometimes. If a policyholder voices out their shortcomings and they make the necessary efforts to amend them, this is a great sign that they have their policyholder’s best interest at heart.

However, there are other firms that purposely act unjust in order to gain profit. Some of these bad faith tactics can look like:

  • Manipulation of terms and conditions within the policy
  • Significantly lowballing the true value of the compensation
  • Challenging the true value of your losses
  • Providing misleading or wrong information with regards to the types of insured losses covered by your policy
  • When they do not provide a reason for a denied claim
  • Was I able to pay my insurance premiums on time and did I not skip any months?
  • Are the losses I am filing a claim for explicitly included within my policy?
  • Are the insurance types relevant to the property and damage done?
  • Was my insurance provider able to provide me with a detailed and fair explanation for their decision to deny my claim?
  • Have I provided enough proof of the property damages, such as images, videos, repair estimates, receipts?

City Information on Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville has the highest number of population in all of Florida, and is ranked top 12 in all of the United States. Its roots stem to a rich military history that started in 1822. In fact, the city was named after Andrew Jackson, who was the very first military governor of the Florida Territory and eventually became the seventh President of the United States.

The “Port of Jacksonville” is located in the city, which is known to be Florida’s 3rd largest seaport to date. Other notable attractions are the Jacksonville Zoo, the Cummer Museum of Art, Florida Theatre, and St. Johns Town Center.

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