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Fire-and-Smoke-Damage-Claims-Lawyer-Houston-TX The two main types of fire that can damage private property are house fires and wildfires. These have both gotten more and more frequent in recent years, and have caused extensive structural damage.

When it comes to wildfires, these are often seen among the states that stretch from California all the way to Florida. This natural disaster has been seen to eat up many homes, leaving families and individuals without shelter and forcing them to leave personal belongings behind. Wildfires can result in both fire damage and smoke damage, either of which can be financially and emotionally draining.

House fires come in varying sizes, with bigger ones compromising the very structure and stability of the home. Objects and areas can be damaged not only by fire and smoke, but also from soot and materials that were used in trying to put out the flames.
Both of these scenarios can come at any time, which is why it is always best to keep prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. Investing in an insurance policy that gives ample coverage can provide your home with protection and your mind with assurance that your personal belongings are accounted for.

In purchasing a policy, ensure that it efficiently provides coverage for everything you need. While this may be the easy part, claiming is rather difficult to achieve.
Insurance providers tend to undervalue an insurance claim, delay the release of the funds, or even deny it altogether if they find enough reason to. This only adds to the present emotional and financial stress that the victims are going through.

When hiring a fire and smoke damage claims lawyer in Houston Texas, you increase your chances of getting a fair claim and also ensuring that all bases are covered when factoring in the claim value.

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What Exactly Is Fire and Smoke Damage Coverage

This coverage is a type of insurance policy option that either homeowners or commercial space owners can acquire. It is a fairly common choice and it compensates for any personal and financial losses that have been sustained after experiencing fire and smoke damage.

Each policy can be different with some conditions only allowing compensation for either fire damage or smoke damage, while other premium policies can cover both. That’s why it is best to consult an insurance lawyer in Houston, Texas before purchasing the policy or filing claims as well. 

When it comes to the standard homeowner’s insurance, fire and smoke damage claims are often not included. If you have a standard homeowner’s policy already, it is best to check the terms and conditions and purchase an add-on or separate policy if the fire and smoke damage factors are absent.

What Are Possible Losses Covered By Fire and Smoke Damage Coverage?

  • Greenery found outdoor
  • Landscaping
  • Garages, sheds, gazebos, and other types of outdoor structures
  • Outdoor and Indoor Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Structural damage
  • Short-term relocation expenses (e.g. hotel, restaurant bills, etc)
The possible losses to be covered by a fire and smoke damage policy are widespread. These all apply to residential properties and commercial spaces. Get in touch with our Huston, TX property damage lawyers to get your denied claims.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

This entirely depends on the terms and conditions of your specific policy. There are some property damage policies for homeowners that cover temporary relocation fees. These would mainly only cover hotel and food costs. However, it is not guaranteed that all insurance providers offer this under their policy.

To thoroughly check if your insurance covers it, a fire and smoke damage claims lawyer from Houston Texas should be able to sort it out for you.

Yes, you should always be able to have access to your own personal belongings. Most especially if these items are personal documents and clothing, you will be granted access as soon as you provide enough identification. In some cases, an additional charge may be applied when accessing them, which you should confirm with the storage facility first before allowing anything to be kept there.

This can be difficult. Not only will you be dealing with the emotional stress that the situation brings, but it could be challenging to remember all the items within your home that have been damaged.

General information including the quantity, year it was purchased, and average price should be sufficient enough for your insurance provider to factor it into the claim.

If you are the type to keep an organized list of things you have within your home – pantry included – then you would have a much easier time if the time comes that you need to file an insurance claim.

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