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Commercial Claims L New Orleans LA Many businesses have high stakes if they suffer commercial property claims. More than carrying general liability insurance is required to guard against all potential hazards. Good companies must also give their business insurance as much attention as they give to their other ventures. A trusted commercial claims lawyer can help protect your business against commercial property losses in several ways.

Damage to the business property could result from an incident, accident, or natural disaster at any time. Your company may be at a higher risk of being damaged or shut down by natural catastrophes than others due to its location. Seeing your company incur damage and waiting for an insurance company to respond is an unpleasant experience.

If your losses are denied or understated, it could jeopardize your company’s future. Don’t worry. Call Chad T. Wilson Law Firm immediately for a free consultation regarding your property. Our firm’s commercial claims lawyer New Orleans LA will work to get you the compensation you deserve from the insurance company. We have years of experience as commercial claims lawyers, and we take complex legal issues and break them down into ways that are easy to understand.

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Procedures to Follow Before Filing a Commercial Damage Claim

We recommend that you do the following before filing your claim:

Take Photos Of Your Property
The insurer will want documentation that your stuff was damaged. As a result, you should photograph the damage from several perspectives. This could entail photographing water stains, mold and mildew growth, and caved-in ceilings. Collect images of the property before the damage occurred, if feasible. These images could be on your phone’s camera roll.

Back Up Your Company’s Data
The importance of backing up digital goods must be balanced. The event that caused property damage could be over. However, the harm may worsen over time. Water damage, for example, could harm computers containing sensitive information. A property damage claim may pay the cost of repairing the computer, but nothing can restore lost data.

Keep A Record Of All Business Purchases
You might need more time to get your insurance coverage to kick in. You may have quickly begun engaging general contractors and other professionals to repair the damage. When submitting an insurance claim, save all invoices, communications, and receipts. You can then request that the liable insurer compensates for your covered losses. It also assists you in keeping track of your spending when your organization undergoes repairs.

Our team can walk you through the process if you haven’t yet filed your property damage insurance claim. During your free case evaluation, we can also discuss what strategies could encourage a fair resolution to your claim.

When Should I Speak to a Lawyer About My Commercial Claim?

You must contact a commercial claims lawyer New Orleans LA as soon as possible when handling a commercial issue. You may have heard that the statute of limitations is a time limit to file a lawsuit, but that is only partially accurate. The statute of limitations only applies if you want to sue someone for damages. But before you can sue, you’ll need to know what damages on your property are available and how much they’re worth.

That’s where speaking with a lawyer comes into play. At Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, our lawyers can help you understand what property damages are available and how much they are worth so that you may decide whether bringing a lawsuit is worthwhile for your company. So call now!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Insurance firms do not profit from claims. Even if your claim is valid, the insurance company may delay payment. For this reason, insurance companies cannot employ techniques to postpone or reduce payouts. Withholding payments for justifiable claims, asking for extra interviews and documents to delay, pursuing unfair settlements for owing benefits, and other tactics to delay or reduce reimbursements are prohibited.

Commercial litigation is a type of business-related legal dispute. Individuals or entities may file these lawsuits if they believe they have suffered monetary damages due to various issues, such as contract disputes, insurance disputes, land disputes, real estate disputes, lease disputes, debt collection, and so on.

Before you spend a dollar, our team will determine the value of your insurance claim. We have represented businesses in the following types of property damage claims:

  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Flood and water damage
  • Hail and wind damage
  • And many more.

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