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The weather can be very erratic and more dangerous with each passing year. Due to this, purchasing an insurance policy that can provide ample protection not only for you and your loved ones, but for your private property and commercial spaces as well is crucial.

Texas in particular is quite vulnerable to many types of natural disasters. This is because of the consistent moisture supplied by the Gulf Coast mixed with the inconsistent temperatures that bring about hail and wind.

These two types of storms have damaged many homes, buildings, vehicles, and have caused injury to passerby. Having an insurance policy that efficiently covers all these concerns is crucial in this day and age.

While purchasing insurance may be routine and swift, it’s the claiming process that could bring about many challenges. The most common of which is that insurance providers tend to undervalue claims, delay the release of funds, or deny it altogether.

Having a hail and wind damage claims lawyers in Fort Worth Texas not only helps speed along the process, but it also prevents you from having to deal with many legal challenges, lengthy procedures, and will also increase your chances of getting a just settlement.

At Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we guarantee that each member of our team is a dedicated and experienced attorney that will stop at nothing until you get a fair claim. We are also ready and available to provide you with legal advice and guide you through each step of the way.

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What You Need To Know About Hail Damage

Hail can manifest in different sizes, lengths, and can fall at varying speeds. Usually, the more water droplets that gather above freezing level to form hailstones, the bigger the stones come out to be. Once they get big, their weight would be too much to stay afloat, which is why bigger stones are usually what you see falling down on your lawn, cars, and around you.

These stones can damage anything and injure anyone in its way. For this reason, those who have vehicles parked outside and other homeowners rush to secure their personal belongings and any breakable things. Some of the most crucial elements to secure within a home are the windows since these can easily break when coming into contact with hail.

Even if most storms would typically last 5 minutes, the damage can be catastrophic.

What You Need To Know About Wind Damage

When we think of wind damage, we often imagine tornadoes and hurricanes since these are most likely to wreak havoc on our property. The average speed at which either one of them runs is at 75 mph, which is enough to lift even sizable patio furniture. Winds of at least 45 mph can still cause damage and should be taken seriously when reported within your area.

The main concern when it comes to wind damage is how subtle they can manifest. Other types of storms may cause dents and tears, but wind can do harm through lifting roof shingles off and pushing them back in place – without proper bolting down. Moreover, they can cause window seals to loosen and tear, which would leave them vulnerable for the next natural weather condition.

By hiring a hail and wind damage claims lawyer in Fort Worth Texas, you can ensure that the team checking for damages will leave no stone unturned and that everything will be accounted for. At the Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, you can expect only the best service and the most experienced attorneys to increase your chances of getting a fair insurance claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How hail and wind damage look like on your roof depend mainly on the type of material your roof is built with. It’s important to be able to identify them in order to factor it into your claim.

  • Irregular damage areas with no noticeable pattern.
  • Black colored hits
  • Loss of granules, which usually lead to exposure of roof felt underneath.
  • Asphalt and/or mat that looks shiny.
  • Much like bruises on an apple, areas where hail hit would be soft to the touch.
  • Irregular damage areas with no noticeable pattern.
  • A noticeable split between the shingle that is either brown or orange in color.
  • A split in the shingle that has sharp corners and edges.
  • A split in the shingle that has little to no deterioration at the edges.
  • Discernable impact marks or dents along the splits in the shingle.
  • Brittleness
  • Ages appearance
  • Blistering
  • Cracking
  • Granule loss
  • Flaking
  • Development of algae
  • Certain manufacturing defects
  • Some mechanical imperfections

City Information on Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is quite sizable, making it the 5th largest city in all of Texas and 13th largest across the United States. It started off as an army outpost and hub for Texas longhorn cattle trade back in the 1800’s. As the industry strengthened within the vicinity, Fort Worth earned its name as “Cowtown”.

It is also where Stockyards Hotel is located, which infamously was one of Bonnie and Clydes’ main hideouts. Lastly, over 60% of America’s paper money is printed right in Fort Worth, more specifically at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

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