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Areas that are often more susceptible to cold climates have their own set of disadvantages. Homeowners would often have to spend more on heating appliances, utility bills, and also have added tasks to keep their property well maintained.
For instance, in cold weather, they would have to wake up earlier to warm up the car before it’s ready to be driven to work or school. Moreover, the pipelines, especially the exposed ones, would have to be properly insulated. Without insulting them, there is a higher risk of frozen pipes and water damage happening within the home.
When extreme temperatures force the water within the pipelines to freeze, this can result in the cracking, leaking, breaking, or even bursting of the pipes. Thus, spreading out a substantial amount of water all over the property and damaging it in the process.
Because this is not an uncommon scenario, homeowners insurance policies offered in these types of climates often come with water damage and frozen pipes coverage. Depending on the specific insurance carrier, the terms and conditions may look different and vary its coverage level. For this reason, among others, hiring a water damage and frozen pipes claims lawyer in Fort Worth Texas to review the policy and help you fully understand what you are investing in can help.

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More often than not, insurance carriers would undervalue claims, delay the release of funds, or even deny the claim altogether. The most common justification is negligence of the property owner to keep their piping system maintained, which could be fairly challenging to prove otherwise without the help of your own lawyer.

Because claiming compensation for damages can be unnerving, confusing, and lengthy, hiring a water damage and frozen pipes claims lawyer in Fort Worth Texas can increase your chances of winning a fair settlement and half the time.

What Else Should You Consider When It Comes To Water Damage?

Frozen-Pipes-Claims-Lawyer-Fort-Worth-TX To best understand the kind of factors that matter most with your policy, and other things that are inclusive of incurring damage, take the following into consideration.

Water damage is uncertain and Ill-timed. There is never the perfect time to incur water damage within your property, and they can come without warning either. Because this can happen at any given moment, the amount of stress can quickly rise up from having to save your personal belongings, ensuring the valuables are secured, trying to stop the flow of water, and also keeping your loved ones safe.

It is always best to be prepared for situations like this, and also hire a water damage and frozen pipes claims lawyer in Fort Worth Texas to take care of things you are able to delegate. The legalities of it all can be all the more challenging and emotionally draining, and are also best left to the professionals.

The Restoration Process. While restoring your property, there is a need to outsource workers for:

  • Water extraction
  • Water cleanup
  • Piping repairs
  • Mold and bacteria removal
  • Proper sanitation and removal of contaminated materials
  • Inspection
  • Repairing damaged areas
  • Repainting

All of these are crucial to bring your property back to a stable and safe state. A water damage and frozen pipes claims lawyer in Fort Worth Texas can also ensure that all of your expenses are well factored in when it’s time to evaluate your compensation.

City Information on Fort Worth, Texas

For Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas, and the 13th largest across the United States. It is a fairly sizable area that was founded back the in 1800’s. It was initially stationed as an army outpost and main hub for Texan Longhorn Cattle trade. Because of this, it was and still is fondly called the “Cowtown” of Texas.
Fort Worth is where the legendary Stockyards Hotel is located. This establishment has been in operations since 1907, and was even one of the main hideouts of the infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! Air leaking through the walls and hitting your pipes can quickly freeze them and lead to damage. It is important to keep any cold air out and maintain the heated temperature within. In order to do this, be sure to seal up even the tiniest cracks with caulk or insulation.

Your garden hose is quite sensitive. It should not be left under direct sunlight, extreme heat, or even extreme cold. In short, always have your garden hose secured and kept in a shaded and warm area.

In the winter season, it is best to disconnect your garden hose, shut off the water valve that leads to the outdoor faucet, and then drain out the excess water. This helps protect both the pipes and the hose so they can be of great use when summer comes around again.

The temperature within the walls and attic will most certainly be much colder than the living areas of your home. Since the walls and attic are where the pipelines are located, it is best to keep the thermostat below 65 degrees to ensure it penetrates through the layers.

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