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Commercial Claims L Lake Charles LA The vast majority of commercial claims here in Lake Charles, LA, arise from claimant and defendant disputes arising from an adverse event which, in turn, causes disruption to business operations and the operation of the company’s assets. Emergency response and restoration of damaged property frequently are required.

The unique needs of each commercial claim necessitate constant dialogue during claim resolution to achieve timely, cost-effective results for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. A commercial claims attorney must be able to handle all facets of a claim from the initial stages through the final settlement.

You can’t afford it alone. You need a strong commercial claims lawyer Lake Charles LA. Our staff at Chad T. Wilson Law Firm has helped businesses like yours get maximum compensation in the shortest period. We will assist you from the start to the end. We provide competent, courteous, and empathetic legal services.

How a Commercial Property Damage Lawyer Can Help Your Case

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Our business property damage legal office, which serves Lake Charles and beyond, treats each case with attention. We recognize that dealing with insurance claims may be just as stressful as dealing with the harm itself. Our firm has a commercial property insurance lawyer who can help you through the complete claims procedure from start to finish.

We can help you with the following:

  • Examine your commercial property insurance policy for specific coverage alternatives, exclusions, and limitations.
  • Handle all insurance company communications, including phone calls, emails, meetings, and paperwork requests.
  • Assess the damage to your property, keep an account of your spending, and obtain supporting paperwork to determine the extent of your losses.


  • Calculate your losses’ overall cost to get exact insurance reimbursement.
  • Make an insurance claim.
  • Negotiating for the full maximum of your insurance coverage is in your best interests.
  • Appeal any claim denials you receive and fight insurance providers’ bad-faith behavior.
    If necessary, prepare your case for trial.

A commercial claims lawyer Lake Charles LA on our team can assist you in making the insurance claims process as simple and stress-free as feasible. You are not required to handle any portion of this process independently. Allow us to handle it so you can concentrate on personal things.

What Qualifies as a Commercial Claim

Contracts or leases give rise to commercial claims. Plaintiffs file lawsuits against defendants. The claim must be based on a violation of a two-party contract. A breach happens when a party fails to pay for goods, deliver employment contract services, or meet negotiations agreements. For a business claim to be valid, the breach must have caused the plaintiff harm. A tenant who sues their landlord for failing to make repairs may suffer financial losses.

Chad T. Wilson Law Firm is a premier commercial claims law firm in the area. The firm’s team consists of experienced attorneys dedicated to serving your needs. Our commercial claims lawyer Lake Charles LA has extensive experience representing businesses in various industries, including construction, health care, retail and hospitality services, manufacturing, oil and gas production operations, restaurants and bars, automotive dealerships, and other businesses throughout the country. We are eager to talk with you. Call us today!

City Information In Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles is the parish seat of Calcasieu Parish and is located along the banks of the Calcasieu River. A channel connects its notable port to the Gulf of Mexico. The downtown area has a thriving nightlife and offers numerous opportunities for dining and enjoying live music. Lake Charles is a popular hunting and fishing destination and home to the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. There are riverboat casinos and horse racing. There are numerous locations with notable art exhibits. Tourists enjoy visiting the historic Charpentier District, which features some of Louisiana’s best Victorian architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We can take legal action if the insurance provider does not handle your claim fairly. Insurers must process claims in a timely and equitable manner. They must also be truthful with claimants regarding the terms of their insurance coverage. We can hold the insurance adjuster accountable if they misrepresent the coverage you are entitled to, hinder the progression of your claim, or violate your legal rights.

Each insurance company has its deadline for filing claims. To protect your entitlement to compensation, we must file your property damage claim within the date set by the liable insurer. This date is determined by the insurance with whom you have partnered. Many agencies want to know about claims immediately to begin processing them. We can review the terms of the responsible insurance policy and determine the filing deadline for your claim.

Commercial property insurance is available as a single policy or as part of a package that combines numerous forms of coverage. Your insured losses will be determined by the type of insurance you purchased. The Business Owners Policy (BOP) and the Commercial Package Policy (CPP) are the two most frequent forms of packages.

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