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Commercial Claims Lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL As a business owner, you understand the gravity of which paying your insurance premiums each month holds. In the event of a natural disaster or an accident, you expect your business to be protected and this is something of great value to you. Various types of unfortunate events can lead to temporary closure of your business, until all the damages have been repaired or replaced and it is deemed safe to resume operations. Situations such as hurricanes, flooding, fire and smoke damage – all of these can put a halt to operations and this make a dent in your earning capacity.

All of this can be financially straining, not only in the damages that need to be fixed but also due to the profits lost. As a commercial policyholder, you are entitled to multiple benefits that can help alleviate the situation and get your business up and running sooner than later.

Despite the overwhelming turn of events, insurance providers often make it difficult for policyholders to claim their benefits to the fullest. Oftentimes, these are left denied, delayed, or grossly undervalued.
This is where a commercial claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida can assist. Through hiring an attorney to handle your case, you increase your chances of getting just compensation and full coverage for all the damages you incurred under your policy.

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How can you benefit from hiring a commercial claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

At the Chad T Wilson Law Firm, we are dedicated to protecting your rights as a policyholder and ensuring your insurance provider is held accountable for the compensation you are due. Through hiring a commercial claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida with us, you can expect the following:

  • We will handle all communications with the insurance provider, including their representatives, the claims adjuster, the investigator, and other members
  • We will guide you through the recovery claims process for all the damages that fall under your policy
  • We will assist you in acquiring temporary funds to help alleviate business interruption and profit loss
  • We will help in managing emergency situations and fees, including electrical safety, short-term roofing, employee wages, replacement of staff equipment and workstations, and more.
  • We will calculate an accurate business interruption claim
  • We will handle the filing of lawsuits and help you navigate through the entire dispute process
  • We will represent you during insurance appraisal hearings
  • We will willingly give legal advice whenever you need it and answer any inquiries you may have
  • We will file a bad faith claim should the insurance provider fail to act fair and honestly during the course of your insurance claim
  • We will file an appeal on your behalf should your insurance provider send a settlement that you are not satisfied with or feel is unjust
  • Because the insurance providers will have their own set of lawyers, policyholders will be at a disadvantage if left to face them alone. We will back you up throughout each step of the claim

Frequently Asked Questions:

The term commercial property is fairly broad and it can apply to just about any building or land with a primary purpose of generating profit. These include:

  • Retail shops
  • Housing complex
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Malls
  • Office buildings
  • Farm lands
  • Warehouses
  • Medical centers
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Sports facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • And so much more

The above list of commercial properties is susceptible to damage brought about by accidents and/ or natural disasters that include hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, hail, fire, and the like. With a commercial insurance policy in place, the property is protected in order for the owners to gain access to compensation if needed. The compensation is meant to cover fees incurred in repairing and replacing damaged areas, for loss of income, and other losses that are covered under their chosen policy.

This entirely depends on the following factors:

  • The types of damages and losses incurred, and which of these are covered under the policy
  • The type of policy and its corresponding terms and conditions
  • Which specific state you reside within the country

City Information on Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Perhaps the most distinguishable aspect of Fort Lauderdale is its expansive navigational waterway that stretches to over 300 miles long. Within these, you can find many canals that locals and visitors alike take gondola rides on. It’s no wonder the city was coined the “Venice of America”.
Moreover, the waterways are present because of the rich history Fort Lauderdale has as a riverfront. They are also the reason that the city is considered a major yachting center and one of the nation’s biggest vacation destinations.

Those who visit the city can enjoy a day in the art district, at cultural events, riding water taxis, observing the flamingo gardens, or relaxing at Las Olas Boulevard.

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