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Smoke Damage Claims Lawyer Miami Florida The possibility of experiencing a house fire or wildfire has unfortunately risen in the last few years. These can both be highly threatening not only to the structural properties, but also to the lives of the homeowners concerned.

When it comes to wildfires, it has become a common occurrence most especially in the states that stretch across California to Florida. This natural disaster has been seen to devastate multiple parts of the country, forcing property owners to leave their homes and valuables behind. Both the fire damage and smoke damage can cause great strain after the event, often leaving the victims emotionally, medically, and financially exhausted.

In the instance of home fires, the flames often run across the stretch of the property quite quickly. This leaves substantial damages stemming from a variety of sources such as flames, smoke, soot, and the different material used to put out the fire itself.
The uncertainty of if and when either one of these unfortunate events could happen takes a toll on many individuals. For this reason, investing in an insurance policy with ample coverage can provide a sense of security and lessen one’s anxiousness. While purchasing a policy may be easy, submitting a claim is a different story.

Oftentimes, insurance companies make it difficult for policyholders to claim their full coverage, which ends up leaving the latter shorthanded. If you experience concerns regarding your insurance claim, it is best to hire a fire and smoke damage claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida to help assess the situation and get you what your investment is truly worth.

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What Exactly Is Fire and Smoke Damage Coverage

Fire and smoke damage coverage is one of the most common insurance policy types that homeowners and commercial space owners purchase. This policy compensates the client for any personal and financial losses after experiencing a fire at their property. The details of each coverage will vary as some cover both the damage to the structure and the possessions inside, while others just cover either factor.

 However, most of the standard insurance policies granted to homeowners do not cover home fire and wildfire yet as these can often come separately. If you live in an area where these two disasters are common, it is best to ensure your policy adds those terms in and fully covers it.

Lastly, even if your insurance policy covers fire damage, there may be specific terms and conditions that do not apply. These would depend on the cause of the fire and other factors your chosen insurance provider takes into account.

What Are Possible Losses Covered By Fire and Smoke Damage Coverage?

  • Greenery found outdoor
  • Landscaping
  • Garages, sheds, gazebos, and other types of outdoor structures
  • Outdoor and Indoor
  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Structural damage
  • Short-term relocation
    expenses (e.g. hotel,
    restaurant bills, etc)

These items are applicable whether you have a residential property or a business property. When it comes to business properties, insurance policies also cover compensation for loss of income due to the operations being halted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We highly recommend avoiding any “Do It Yourself” jobs in the hopes of saving some money and time on your damaged home. This not only increases risk of an unsafe structure, but it can also be hazardous to your health if the area has not been professionally cleaned out yet. Waiting on proper technicians with the right equipment, right set of tools, and applicable products to safely restore your structure is ideal.

However, there is one thing you can do to assist in restoring your property, and that is to set aside any items that need restoration and then organize them according to priority. Taking care of your personal belongings can make the recovery process much faster.

This entirely depends on the extent of the damage done on the property. If the structure has been damaged in multiple floors and sections, it could take weeks to restore. Moreover, commercial buildings will often take much longer to restore compared to homes because of their size and the need to pass an inspection code.

City Information on Fort Lauderdale, Florida

You may have heard of the Venice of America. That is one in the same as Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The city earned its nickname because of the multiple shopping destinations, lovely gondola rides, long stretches of canals, and its being a historic riverfront. The city has navigational waterways that extend to over 300 miles and is regarded as a major yachting center. Because of this, it has become the nation’s largest vacation destination.

Fort Lauderdale has quite the art scene and many cultural events to choose from when in town. Visitors can also enjoy the water taxi, flamingo gardens, and Las Olas Boulevard.

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