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Because of the increasingly aggressive and inconsistent nature of weather patterns, it is important to consider the sizable damage that can occur with either a hailstorm or windstorm in your area. Either of these storms can wreak havoc on your commercial or private properties, which is why investing in an insurance claim can provide much-needed assurance and security.

While purchasing insurance is usually fast and smooth, the claims procedure can often be challenging. Insurers tend to undervalue claims or delay releasing funds for them—or deny them entirely! Having experienced hail and wind damage claims lawyer New Orleans LA can streamline the process, avoid legal challenges if any arise, and increase the chances of getting a just settlement.

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The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm can help you investigate the extent of damage caused by hail or windstorms and work with your insurance company to ensure a fair claim is made. Our team will help you through the process of filing a claim and negotiating for full reimbursement. We can also assist you with any legal disputes that may arise along the way.

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Understanding Deductibles for Wind and Hail Damages

Insurance carriers typically assess wind and hail damage at a higher deductible than other forms of property damage. Policyholders may be surprised to learn that their deductibles are substantially greater than expected when they file claims for damages caused by wind and hail. While this is happening, customers should still review their policies to ensure their insurance company treats them fairly.

Although insurance may request a higher deductible for wind and hail damage caused by a storm, this must be specified specifically in the policy. Insurance companies who arbitrarily deny wind and hail damage claims may behave badly. Victims of insurance bad faith in New Orleans, LA, can speak with the attorneys at The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm to learn more about their legal rights and choices.

Hire a Competent Hail and Wind Damage Claims Lawyer in New Orleans, LA!

When an insurance company takes advantage of you and won’t cover damages to your property, business, or family members—or delays payment until it’s too late—you should contact a lawyer specializing in property insurance. Our attorneys have extensive experience and a high success rate advocating for our policyholders’ claims, including hail or wind-related ones.

At The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we understand the importance of having a competent hail and wind damage claims lawyer New Orleans LA on your side. Our team has the experience and resources to fight for your rights—and we’ve won millions of dollars in claims for our clients! When you have a strong advocate, you can have peace of mind that your case will be handled correctly and professionally. We’ll take care of all the details and ensure you receive fair compensation for any damages. If you’ve been affected by hail or wind damage in New Orleans, LA, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The insurance company and the policy determine whether or not hail damage is covered. Homeowners’ insurance should protect you from hailstorm damage, theft, fire, lightning, windstorms, and vandalism.

If you only have auto liability insurance, your policy may not cover hail damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance policies typically cover hail damage. However, whether or not hail damage is covered depends on your specific policy and the insurance company. You must thoroughly read your policy to understand exactly what is covered.

Insurance companies are, first and foremost, businesses. This means they’re looking to make a profit, which means they’ll be looking for ways to deny claims to avoid paying. Although an insurance company may have good reasons to deny a claim, denials are frequently made in bad faith as the insurance company attempts to avoid paying for the damage.

Most wind damage during a storm is considered to wind damage and should be covered by a homeowners policy. Strong winds can cause damage to roofs, windows, and other structures.

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