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When service providers fail to fix the problem, you need a lawyer more than ever in a world where insurance companies fight tooth and nail to avoid paying for water damage and frozen pipe claims. Frequent insurance claims involve water damage and burst pipes. One in every ten houses will have a pipe burst or experience water damage during its lifetime. Many homeowners must prepare to deal with a water damage or frozen pipe claim.

Competent water damage and frozen pipe claims lawyer Lake Charles LA should deeply understand the nuances of such cases. They need to know how to get insurers to pay, so they must have a solid history of negotiating successfully. The attorneys at the Chad T. Wilson Law Firm understand how important it is for their clients to have someone they can rely on and trust through every stage of the process.

Methods for Protecting Property Following Water Damage or Frozen Pipes

You may need help with how to safeguard your home after experiencing water damage or a frozen pipe emergency. A broken window or leaking pipe are apparent signs of property damage that require prompt attention from an insurance adjuster. You will need an estimate of how much the repair will cost to file a claim with your insurer. Sometimes, this means bringing in an outside expert.

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Call an attorney if you experience water damage or a frozen pipe. The lawyers at Chad T. Wilson Law Firm can advise you on whether or not you have a claim for compensation from the party at fault. Remember that if your insurance company needs to be more efficient in handling claims, they may try to deny coverage by claiming that the damage was not your fault after taking possession of your home or other property. That can be avoided with prompt action, though!

What Should You Do If Your Insurance Company Denies Your Claim?


When an insurer turns down your claim, many questions are answered. You may really want to know what to expect next, if any solutions exist, and what you can do to prevent further damage. A good attorney can help you determine whether your insurance company’s decision was fair and, if not, what you need to do next.

The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm understands how difficult it can be to deal with an insurance company that refuses to pay for the costs of an accident that it caused. You deserve the money you’re owed, and we’re here to help you get it. Our skilled water damage and frozen pipe claims lawyer Lake Charles LA has been helping people like you get the compensation they deserve for over ten years. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from filing your damage claim to negotiating with the insurance company and fighting in court if it comes to that. Call for a free consultation today!

City Information In Lake Charles, Louisiana

The city of Lake Charles sits in southwestern Louisiana. The history of the famous celebration is revealed through vibrant costumes at the downtown Mardi Gras Museum. There are local exhibits and international shows at the 1911 City Hall Arts & Cultural Center. The Imperial Calcasieu Museum is located in the neighborhood, and on its grounds lies the massive, centuries-old Sallier Oak tree. There are several casinos in the city as well. The downtown area is renowned for its lively nightlife and abundance of restaurants and live music venues. The Creole Nature Trail All-American Road may be found in Lake Charles, a popular hunting and fishing destination.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If a pipe in your Lake Charles home bursts and causes water damage, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for it. As always, it’s preferable to avoid accidents and claims of this nature.

If you ignore water damage, it can weaken your home’s structure and expose you and your family to health hazards. You should get in touch with an expert straight once if water damage of any kind has occurred in your residence.

Water damage can lead to the destruction of buildings and possessions and a host of other health risks. Mold and rot may develop after flooding—and luring in pests like termites! When a home is damaged by water, professionals must clean up the mess, dry the house and avoid mold growth. Our law office has specialists on staff who can help clients deal with these types of situations expertly.

There’s a chance that your home insurance will pay for any damage caused by water seeping in due to a malfunctioning appliance. Your insurance policy may cover damage from frozen pipes, but this is often contingent upon meeting specific requirements, such as maintaining a constant interior temperature or undertaking adequate winter preparations.

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