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Weather patterns have shown to be significantly inconsistent nowadays. Storms are getting more erratic and leaving much damage soon as they pass. Hailstorm and windstorms are two of the most common types that wreak havoc across the country. They are the very reason for many insurance claims filed year round, and are also why many homeowners opt to invest in a policy.

Policies inclusive of hail and wind damage offer compensation for any damage done unto your property as a result of either natural disaster. However, a known flaw in the process is that inspectors coming on behalf of the insurance company in order to check the site often overlook the rooftops – which are the most vulnerable during hail and wind storms. They would routinely check from the ground alone, leading to many claim values going severely underestimated.

With hail and wind damage claims lawyers in Austin Texas, you can assure that no stone is left unturned and your property damage will be accounted for in full. Moreover, the insurance company will have a team of lawyers on their end to justify their delaying, undervaluing, or even declining your claim. Having an attorney with you can increase your chances of getting a fair end of the deal.

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What You Need To Know About Hail Damage

Hail is caused by the thunderstorm updraft lifting water droplets above freezing level, and thus turning the liquid into ice. Once it starts to build up and forms larger ice droplets, gravity starts to pull them down until they fall to the ground. The impact allows the hail to create dents or break through glass. Hail comes in many sizes and speeds, and no matter how small they start; they have many homeowners and vehicle owners rush to protect their property.

Hailstorms usually last only 5 minutes or so, but this short amount of time can already cause much damage to anything that gets in the way.

What You Need To Know About Wind Damage

Damages done by strong winds are more subtle than that of hail. Oftentimes, they manifest in the loosening of roof shingles or window seals. Over time, these can get worse and leave the property vulnerable as soon as the next storm comes around.

While many often attribute wind damage to hurricanes and tornadoes spinning at the speed of 75 mph, in reality, any wind going at least 45 mph can already cause a lot of damage.

When Is It Time To Seek A Hail And Wind Damage Claims Lawyer in Austin Texas?

Insurance companies often deny claims for wind damage or hail damage. Two of their most common justifications are that of manufacturer’s defects or pre-existing conditions that led to the damage. While these are factors to consider, they may not always be as accurately claimed.

At The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we are dedicated and passionate about getting you a claim that is just and nowhere near undervalued or denied.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are four main factors that affect the intensity of the property damage, namely:

Factor #1: Wind. Winds can change directions and speed erratically. This can greatly affect the outcome of a hailstorm because it can bring the hailstones along with each gust.

Factor #2: Size and Density. Naturally, the bigger the hail stone, the bigger the damage. Small and pea-like stones can still do a lot of damage. Moreover, the typical type of hailstone does not have smooth edges to it. Because of its jagged sides, they have the potential to cause further damage.

Factor #3: Building Material of Your Property. Different types of building materials absorb the impact of hail differently. For instance, vinyl can crack once hit with a hailstone, while aluminum on the other hand tends to just make a dent. Moreover, older structures are naturally more susceptible to damage compared to newly built properties.

Factor #4: The environment. If your private property is positioned in a way wherein neighboring structures or your landscape offer some protection, then it reduces the chances of a hail storm causing too much damage.

City Information on Austin, Texas

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