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The differing kinds of insurance policies were structured to protect varying aspects of one’s day-to-day life. For a lot of individuals, it is essential to purchase more than one in order to secure ample protection of their private property, personal assets, and their person. Most insurance companies offer a variety of policies, each with varying degrees of coverage. Which one you should get depends on your specific preferences and needs.

Having an insurance lawyer in Houston Texas can greatly assist you in figuring out which type of insurance is capable of covering your assets and can also help in securing a smooth claiming process. More often than not, insurance companies make it difficult for policyholders to maximize their investment by either undervaluing claims, delaying release of funds, or denying it altogether. With an insurance lawyer in Houston Texas, you can increase your chances of getting your investment’s worth in benefits.

Insurance lawyers can assist with almost all kinds of policies, including the most common:

Home Insurance
Homeowners insurance is structured to protect private properties in the instance of physical damage that may have been caused by either an accident or natural disaster. While not all packages cover all kinds of natural disasters, it is important to ensure that it protects your home from those that are most prevalent in your area. This could include fire, flood, storm, hail, wind, hurricanes, and the like.

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Health Insurance
Health insurance is considered by many to be the most important type of insurance to invest in. It is designed to protect the policyholder in the instance that they, or their loved ones, would need medical assistance. The policy compensates the client so that they will not have to shoulder the total cost of medical bills that can easily skyrocket.

The common illnesses are often covered by standard packages. If you wish to have critical illnesses and pre-existing medical conditions covered, you may purchase add-ons or premium policies.

Car Insurance
Should your motor vehicle get damages in the event of a natural disaster or accident, car insurance can cover for the cost of repairs or replacement of necessary parts.

Some types of policies also cover the cost of repair and parts replacement of the 3rd party’s vehicle, in the instance that you are liable for the physical damage.

Disability Insurance
Individuals that are physically or mentally incapable of earning a living due to either short-term or long-term disabilities can receive compensation through disability insurance.

Liability Insurance
In the occurrence that the policyholder receives a claim for having injured another individual or caused physical damage to another individual’s private property, liability insurance can help protect the client from rising costs.

However, this insurance policy does not cover intentional damage, contractual liabilities, and criminal prosecution. Moreover, liability insurance is required for:

  • Those with car insurance
  • Those who product products
  • Those who are practicing medicine
  • Those who are practicing law
  • Life Insurance

Next to health insurance, life insurance is another critical policy to acquire. It protects the policyholder’s beneficiaries should the former pass away.
An insurance lawyer in Houston Texas can greatly help you in receiving your claim in full, explaining the legalities of your insurance policy, and assisting you in court proceedings.

Here at The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we guarantee to stop at nothing until you get the claim you rightfully deserve and maximize the investment you made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

While placing a life insurance policy on a child can make most feel uncomfortable. However, most life insurance policies bought for children are not actually meant to provide financial assistance to guardians in the event that the child passes earlier than them. Instead, it is meant to provide the children with financial support in their later years. While it may take decades for them to reap the benefits, it can come in handy if and when the time comes.
Yes, long-term care insurance covers the cost of nursing homes as part of the standard structure, among other benefits.

This entirely depends on the location of your private property. If your area is prone to flooding or other kinds of natural disasters that could trigger floods, then it is most advisable to invest in flood insurance to protect your home and your personal belongings inside.

However, if your area is not as prone to flood, then you may seek advice from your insurance lawyer in Houston Texas if it is practical enough to purchase a policy that covers it. Otherwise, you may be better off purchasing insurance policies for natural disasters that occur more often in your area.

City Information on Houston, Texas

Houston is a city in Texas that needs no introduction, as it is widely popular worldwide. It is also the fourth most populated city in all of the United States and is best known for its numerous contributions to the space programs throughout the years.

Houston is home to NASA’s Space Centre and was also the very first word uttered when man landed on the moon. Because of all this, Houston is coined “The Space City”. Moreover, many talented sports teams hail from Houston such as the Houston Rockets in the NBA and Houston Texans in the NFL.

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