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Was Your Property Damaged by Water or a pipe burst? Did your Insurance company deny or underpay your claim?

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Water damage is a common and significant issue that many homeowners and commercial properties face. It can result from various sources, including plumbing leaks, heavy rain, flooding, burst pipes, and more. Water damage to properties and the substantial financial costs associated with it are significant. Here’s a breakdown of some key points to keep in consideration when it comes to water damage:

  1. Prevalence of Water Damage: Around 98% of homes will experience water damage at least once. This percentage underscores the importance of being prepared and having appropriate insurance coverage in case of such events.
  2. Claim Frequency: One in 60 homes file a claim for ice or water damage in the USA every year. This number reflects the need for insurance coverage to address these issues.
  3. High Average Insurance Claim: The average insurance claim of over $12,500 for water damage suggests the significant financial burden it can place on homeowners. Having insurance that covers such costs is crucial for many individuals.
  4. Annual Losses: The $20 billion in losses from water damage events in the U.S. annually underscores the collective financial impact of these incidents. It’s a significant cost that affects both homeowners and insurance providers.
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In light of these statistics, homeowners need to be proactive in preventing water damage and ensuring they have suitable insurance coverage in place.

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