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Hail-Damage-Claims-Lawyer-Miami-FL Insurance policies for hail and wind damage are meant to provide the policyholder’s property with utmost protection with a guarantee that they receive a fair settlement should a natural disaster occur.

Because of the increasingly aggressive and inconsistent nature that weather patterns are showing, it is important to consider the sizable damage that can occur with either a hailstorm or windstorm in your area. Either of these storms can wreak havoc on your commercial or private properties, which is why investing in an insurance claim can provide much-needed assurance and security.

Little do most homeowners realize that a lot of the damage can occur on the rooftops. This is one major flaw in the inspection process since insurance company members tend to investigate damages only noticeable from the ground. At the rate this happens, multiple wind and hail damage claims end up extremely underestimated. If it is not clearly stated to have a trained professional inspect the roof, the policyholder may be deprived of any repair benefits that they are due to receive.

Most especially within our state where all kinds of storms happen frequently, unaddressed damages can quickly escalate over time and cause greater destruction to your property. Because of this, hiring a hail and wind damage claims lawyer in Miami Florida can save you valuable resources and get you the settlement you deserve.

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What You Need To Know About Hail Damage

Wind-Damage-Claims-Lawyer-Miami-FL Hailstones are made of ice and are as hard as rocks. They are quite similar to rain in the sense that they free fall from the sky in carrying sizes, lengths, and speeds. When the news forecasts a hailstorm drawing near, homeowners would often rush to secure their motor vehicles inside the garage or other covered areas. They also store lawn and patio furniture, and close the blinds to block out any broken windows from scattering indoors.

The average duration of a hailstorm is a mere 5 minutes, which seems to be quick. However, despite the short-lived occurrence, hailstorms can often cause extensive damages to many areas around the property and even injure civilians.

What You Need To Know About Wind Damage

Wind damage is one type of destruction that often goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. While the general public can cite large dents, broken glass, or holes in walls, not everyone can see small details that could mean trouble. For instance, strong winds can often lift up roof shingles and push them back into place. It can also rip off some window seals without it being too obvious, which could lead to leaks and cracks in the future.

When Is It Time To Seek A Hail And Wind Damage Claims Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

Insurance companies are notorious for deflecting damages by denying claims and blaming manufacturer’s defects or pre-existing reasons.
At The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we help conduct a thorough investigation of the property, calculate the total damage, and work to ensure you receive a fair and accurate claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Roofs are the most vulnerable ones during a wind and hail storm since these are essentially where all of the conditions pass through. Newer and more modern materials can typically handle even more severe weather conditions. However, if the roof is five years or older, a regular inspection of any possible weak spots is necessary. Ways to protect your roof and also conduct an inspection are:

  • Check for loose shingles. If any, replace or repair them.
  • Check for loose nails. If any, replace them.
  • Check the condition of your flashing around the roof if it is in watertight conditions.
  • If your roof has skylights, install a shutter system that is easily activated before a storm.

As much as possible, place all outdoor furniture, flowerpots, and lawn decors indoors or in an enclosed space. If this is not a practical option for you, anchor what you can by tying them up with cables or chains. The risk of strong winds picking them up and flying through your roof, windows, or other property is quite high and should be prevented at all costs.

The City of Miami needs no introduction. It is the second most populated city in all of Florida and the eleventh most populated city in the southeastern United States. It is popular for its non-stop nightlife, impressively pristine beaches, large art galleries, cozy warm weather, and world-class hotels. It is truly one of the world’s most popular vacation spots.

Miami has been given many names over the years such as The Sunshine City, The Magic City, The Capital of Latin America, and The Cruise Capital of the World. It is also home to famous sports teams such as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat.

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