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Weather patterns are more unpredictable and erratic than ever, with many areas experiencing natural disasters that were not common in their region in the past. Due to ever-evolving times, it is important to be prepared. Two of the incursions that often come through Texas are hailstorms and windstorms. These two natural calamities cause great damage to residential areas and commercial spaces alike, not to mention the vehicles, landscapes, and everything else along their paths. 

It is important to invest in an insurance policy that can provide ample coverage and secure your property in the event that either hail or wind damage hits your hometown. However, when it is time to claim your compensation, one common flaw in the claiming process is overlooking the rooftops. 

Rooftops are the most vulnerable in these situations, but inspectors assigned by the insurance company usually only investigate from the ground. This leads to a greatly undervalued claim, which is why it is crucial to specifically ask a trained professional to inspect the roof and factor in the damage.

 Over time, as the structures wear out, damage becomes easier to come by. Because of this, investing in insurance and hiring a hail and wind damage claims lawyer in Texas can help save you resources and increase your chances of getting a fair claim. 

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What You Need To Know About Hail Damage

Hail is a type of natural precipitation that is made up of solid ice that forms inside a thunderstorm updraft. They can vary greatly in size, length, and speed at which they fall to the ground. Not only do they damage the items and injure pedestrians on ground level, but they can also cause substantial damage to aircraft mid-flight. 

When there is a forecast for hail, many homeowners rush to secure their gardening equipment, outside furniture, and vehicles by moving them to a covered area. It is important to secure the windows surrounding your home as well. Oftentimes, hail can come in varying directions, especially when paired with strong winds. Close the blinds to shield any broken glass from entering your home. 

Hailstorms typically last an average of 5 minutes, but they can already cause extensive damage and injury.

What You Need To Know About Wind Damage

Strong winds are more dangerous than most people realize. They can cause great damage that can often go unnoticed, such as dents on the roof, compromised roof shingles, cracks on the windows, and torn window seals.

Two of the most dangerous winds are tornadoes and hurricanes. Both run at an average speed of 75 mph, but in reality, any wind going at a speed of at least 45 mph and above can already cause damage. 

When Is It Time To Seek A Hail And Wind Damage Claims Lawyer in Texas?

Claiming your insurance can be a costly and overwhelming process. Many companies are known to undervalue, deny, and delay claims, with two of the most common reasons given out being:

  • Manufacturer’s defects
  • Pre-existing conditions

These are often used to justify an undervalued or denied claim, even if they are not as accurate as they are set out to be.

At The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we guarantee that our dedicated team of professionally trained lawyers will work tirelessly until you receive a fair and just claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When drops of rain are carried upwards by thunderstorm updrafts, they reach extremely cold atmospheres and then start to freeze. They grow in size by colliding with more drops of liquid rain that freeze onto an existing hailstone’s exterior.

In the instance that the water freezes right away when merging with a current hailstorm, cloudy ice may form air bubbles that will be trapped in the newly formed hailstone. However, if the water freezes at a slower pace, the air bubbles escape and leave the ice crystal clear.

The hailstones start to fall only when the thunderstorm’s updraft can no longer carry the weight of the hailstorm itself.

Hail comes in many sizes. The smaller hailstones can be easily blown away from the updraft when the winds are speeding horizontally, which means that larger hail would typically fall closer to the updraft since these can’t be carried. Depending on just how strong the winds are, hail can even fall at an angle, or sideways. This can easily damage windows, sidings of the house, and get into your home.

City Information on Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a well-known city in Texas. It is the 3rd largest within the state, and the 4th largest metropolitan district within the country.

It is both a commercial and a cultural center, but it traces its roots back to the major railroad lines that frequently ran across the city. Because the transportation had become too frequent, the city was then developed around the tracks, making it a livable transportation and industrial hub. Dallas also has great culinary options and is where the frozen margarita machine was invented. Lastly, locals and tourists alike often flock to the city for the Texas State Fair.

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