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With weather patterns getting more volatile with each passing year, investing in an insurance policy that can protect you and your property is crucial. Due to the consistent moisture provided by the Gulf Coast and the hot and cold weather, Texas is particularly vulnerable to hail storms and windstorms.

These two types of natural disasters have proven time and time again to cause substantial damage to homes, buildings, vehicles, and other types of property. Moreover, they can also cause injury to passersby and pedestrians who are unable to take cover in time.

Because of this, investing in an insurance policy that can provide ample coverage in the event that either a hailstorm or windstorm sweeps your area is very important. However, purchasing the insurance is the easy part – claiming compensation for damages can be tricky.

This is where a hail and wind damage claims lawyer in San Antonio Texas can be very helpful. Because attorneys are well versed with the legalities binding each insurance policy, can fully understand the terms and conditions, and have better judgment as to what the next best steps to take are, you can greatly increase your chances at getting a fair compensation.

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What You Need To Know About Hail Damage

Hail comes in many forms and sizes, and can also vary in impact depending on its size and speed when hitting the surface. More often than not, only the bigger and heavier hailstones get to fall since these are too heavy to stay afloat. The smaller ones get carried upwards by the wind until they gather more moisture and become much bigger in size.

Hailstones can damage anything along its path, from vehicles, houses, and even airplanes up in the air. Because of this, many homeowners rush to secure belongings when forecasts call for hail. It is also crucial to close off all windows and exposed glass in order to prevent shattered pieces from entering your home.

While most hailstorms last for only a few minutes, the damage they cause can already be dangerous.

What You Need To Know About Wind Damage

Tornadoes and hurricanes both run at an average speed of 75 mph, and are considered to be the most dangerous types of windstorms. The truth is, any wind speed of at least 45 mph is already considered dangerous and one must stay indoors when the weather shows signs of stronger wind.

One major concern when it comes to damages caused by wind is how subtle they can be to the untrained eye. A lot of wind damage does not cause large dents or break things, instead, they can take the form of compromised rooftops and cracks in the window seal. These can make the home more vulnerable for future weather conditions.

Hiring a hail and wind damage claims lawyer in San Antonio Texas will ensure that all bases are covered and every inch of damage is accounted for when making a claim.At The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we guarantee to work tirelessly for a rightful claim and increase your chances of maximizing your insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The bigger the hailstones, the more damage they can cause, which may require a larger compensation. However, if the hailstone is most small with speeds that do not create too much of an impact except for shallow dents and scratches, the compensation given by the provider may not be as substantial.

Damages caused by windstorm and hailstorms are both typically covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. While these may differ on which insurance provider you opt for, it is important to gather enough options and seek one that does provide more coverage under their policy.

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