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Insurance policies heavily vary in coverage. It is important to choose one that best protects the assets that you want to prioritize, and to what extent. There are many insurance providers that offer a variety of policies including health, car, life, property damage, and more.

Standard policy packages can usually cover a wide range already, but many still opt to purchase more than one policy or invest in add-ons in order to fully protect what they need to. For this reason, it is important to have a professional determine the value of your assets in order to get ample coverage and a fair compensation if the need arises.

By hiring an insurance lawyer in Austin Texas, you can better assess what insurance you need, the amount of coverage necessary, and also to help you with the claiming process.

The most commonly purchased insurance policies that a lawyer can help you with are:

Home Insurance
Home insurance policies are built to protect private properties in the instance that it has been physically damaged due to an accident or natural disaster.

Health Insurance
Health insurance is regarded as one of the most crucial types of insurance policies. These are meant to protect the policyholder, and in some cases their immediate family, when in need of medical assistance. This policy compensates for a part of the medical bills up to the coverage limit.

For most standard packages, only the most common illnesses and medical procedures are covered. However, there are premium policies or add-ons that also cover pre-existing medical conditions, which is helpful for those with chronic diseases, inborn medical issues, or seniors.

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Car Insurance
While car insurance is not necessary for everyone, it can be very advantageous in cases wherein you get into an accident, or your vehicle gets damaged during a natural disaster. This policy would typically cover the cost of repairs and replacement of parts.
If you are liable for the accident, some policies may also cover the cost of repairs or replacement of necessary parts for the other individual.
Disability Insurance

For people that are physically or mentally incapable of earning a living because of their short-term or long-term disabilities, compensation can be made available through disability insurance.

Liability Insurance
For situations wherein the policyholder is liable for injury to another person or damage to another’s private property, liability insurance may offer protection from rising cost of the repair fees, medical fees, and legal fees up to the coverage limit. The inclusions of which are subject to the specific terms and conditions of each individual policy.

There are, however, certain things that the policy does not cover such as intentional damage, contractual liabilities, and criminal prosecution. Additionally, liability insurance is required for:

  • Those with car insurance
  • Those who produce products
  • Those who are practicing medicine
  • Those who are practicing law

Life Insurance
Next to health insurance, life insurance is another critical policy to acquire. It protects the policyholder’s beneficiaries should the former pass away.
An insurance lawyer in Austin Texas can greatly help you in receiving your claim in full, explaining the legalities of your insurance policy, and assisting you in court proceedings.

Here at The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we guarantee to work tirelessly until you get the claim you rightfully deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long your chosen insurance provider takes to process a claim would depend on a few things, namely:
Some claims may be simple and straightforward. However, they do not come as frequently, Most of the claims filed end up in a long and challenging process of denial, disapproval, and delays.

Depending on where you live, your state may have specific laws that require insurance companies to take certain steps within the claim process and within a given period.

In Texas, insurance companies must abide by the following:

  • 15 calendar days to acknowledge the policyholder’s claim and request any additional information necessary.
  • 15 business days to approve or deny the policyholder’s claim in writing after having received all the requested information. This can be extended up to 45 days if the insurance provider notifies the policyholder in writing and explains the reason for the delay.
  • 5 business days to pay the claim after notifying the policyholder of the approval.

The number of other policyholders

Especially for major disasters with widespread damage, the time to process everyone’s claims may take longer.

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