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After a disaster strikes and causes damage to your house, it can be challenging to make sense of the insurance claims procedure. Wind and hail insurance is typically included, although understanding an insurance policy’s terminology can be difficult. Many homeowners make mistakes when filing insurance claims for hail and wind damage – especially if this is really the first time they have had to do this.

Corruption within the insurance industry results in the denial of numerous wind and hail insurance claims. Make sure you review the denial letter from your insurance company thoroughly. They’re obligated to supply it. When your home is damaged and covered by insurance, the company will try to pay you only a fraction of what it would cost to repair the damage. Having a hail and wind damage lawyer Atlanta GA can help you negotiate with your insurance company to get the total value of your claim.

What should you do following a wind or hail storm?

Before returning home after a storm, double-check that you and your loved ones are safe from any potential storm hazards, such as downed power lines, live electrical or gas appliances, flood water, debris, and so on. When addressing property damage after a significant storm, remember to take into account the following:

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  • Get in touch with your insurer and submit a claim.
  • Document the damaged property’s inside and outside (if applicable) with photographs.
  • You should maintain thorough records of all correspondence with the insurance adjuster and company, including names, dates, and summaries of talks.
  • List all the things you own that have been harmed.
  • Make sure you have proof of payment or receipts for any broken items.
  • You should get in touch with reputable repair companies and have them look at the damage and provide estimates.

How Can a Hail and Wind Damage Claims Lawyer in Atlanta Help You?

Insurance companies often use stall tactics, such as refusing to pay or lowering the amount of a claim for property damage caused by hail and wind storms. This is because fixing damaged roofs in such storms can be pretty expensive.

The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm has helped many Atlanta homeowners and business owners file insurance claims after severe weather caused damage to their properties. We are familiar with the processes required to prove a wind and hail insurance claim and to obtain any benefits to which you are entitled.

Our attorneys will tirelessly protect your rights under your insurance policy, conducting the necessary historical analysis of your property, reviewing relevant weather records, and retaining qualified and competent causation and damage experts.

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At The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm, we have represented countless property owners in disputes over insurance coverage for storm-related damage, including hail and windstorms. Our extensive experience handling such cases has given us a unique perspective on these issues—and an unmatched ability to advocate on behalf of our clients.

We have been handling hail and wind damage claims for property owners in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia—homeowners, landlords, and commercial building owners—for years. Through that experience, we’ve developed effective strategies to obtain payments for our clients. Call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced hail and wind damage claim lawyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Most storm-related property damage is caused by wind and should be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Roofs, windows, and other surfaces may be blown off in a strong windstorm.

Wind and hail insurance protects your home’s physical structure, as well as any detached structures, as well as your belongings. Most wind-related events are covered by wind and hail insurance. It excludes things like flooding and fire damage.

Most states give you one year after wind damage to your home or property to file a claim with your insurance company. The decision to file a claim depends entirely on the damage’s extent. If the damage is minor, paying for repairs out of pocket may be worth it rather than having your insurance rates raised. If the Texas wind damage is significant, filing a claim is almost always worthwhile. Many insurance companies will attempt to deny claims, which is where wind and hail damage attorneys can help.

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