Houston Women Blamed For Damage From Storm

A Houston client was forced to sue her insurance company, Allstate, because of the mismanagement of her claim and the actions of Allstate’s engineer and two of their adjusters. Allstate underpaid the claim after our client was initially told that all storm damages would be covered. Allstate then had a second inspection and hired an engineer to try to underpay our client and blame her for the interior damage to the property.

Thunderstorm Brings Violent Storm Damage

On February 25, 2018, a swath of thunderstorms pummeled the Houston area, filling the sky with lightning and torrential rains. Many residents experience power loss for several hours as a result of the high winds. The windstorm tore shingles from our client’s roof which resulted in a leak that developed into pools of water on the kitchen floor. The water damaged the walls and flooring of her home.

Double Talk And The Run Around

At the initial inspection, Allstate’s representative told the insured that the damages were storm-related and would be covered under the policy. Instead of issuing payment, Allstate sent out a second adjuster who reviewed the damage and pinned the interior damage completely on our client. This second adjuster stated that there was damage to the roof,  but none of the interior damage was a result of the storm.  After months of no response from Allstate, they hired an engineer to justify the findings of the second adjuster.

Our third-party adjuster reviewed the damage just as Allstate had and determined there were some $12,000 in damages that Allstate had missed. Through our efforts, our client was able to replace the roof and repair all of the interior storm damage.

Houston Property Insurance Lawyers

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