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Texas Size Hailstorm Crushes Conroe

Hail damage is the number one cause of property damage in the US. In 2019-2020 alone the State of Texas has seen more claims related to hail than most states. Severe property damage occurs when a dangerous storm strikes a highly-populated area with hail larger than an inch or more in diameter. Baseball-sized hail (3.5 [...]

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Twice Denied Homeowners Insurance Claim Leads to New Roof

Property damage may include damage to your home, your patio furniture, your fence, your mailbox, or any other belonging on your property. How much you may be able to recover for your property damage can be determined by proof of replacement value, repair costs, the inability of use until fixed or replaced. Having a roof insurance claim denied is common. [...]

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Chad T. Wilson Law Firm Sues Allstate on Behalf of Houston Clients

Two Houston residents, our clients, recently filed suit against Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company and its adjuster. Their home was seriously damaged in a severe storm that ripped through Harris County, Texas in April 2016. Allstate and its adjuster conducted a substandard and improper inspection of their home, grossly undervaluing the cost of repairs [...]

By |2016-10-20T21:57:37-05:00October 20th, 2016|

Chad T. Wilson Law Firm Files Suit Against Standard Casualty Company on Behalf of Montgomery Resident

Our client, a woman whose home was damaged during a severe storm, was forced to file a lawsuit against Standard Casualty Company and its adjuster after they conducted a substandard and improper inspection of our client's property, grossly undervaluing the cost of repairs and deliberately yielding an unrealistic amount to underpay coverage. May 26, 2016 Hailstorm On [...]

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