What Hailstorm Litigation Reform Means for You Insurance lobbyists are trying harder than ever to convince Texas lawmakers to enact needless hailstorm litigation reform. In 2015, the Texas legislature nearly passed a bill that would have incentivized insurance companies to underpay claims. In February of this year, Gov. Abbott called hailstorm litigation a crisis that needed to be...
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Nationwide Denies Harris County Couple Insurance After Storm A Houston couple recently sued Nationwide after the insurance company conducted an improper inspection of our clients’ storm-damaged property. They grossly undervalued the cost of repairs and deliberately yielded an unrealistic amount to underpay coverage. March 23, 2016 Storm On March 23, 2016, a wind and hailstorm blew through Harris...
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Harris-County-Homeowners-Fight-Back-Against-Allstate Our clients, homeowners whose home was damaged when a severe storm passed through Houston, Texas, were forced to file a lawsuit against Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company and its adjuster after they conducted a substandard and improper inspection of the couples property, grossly undervaluing the cost of repairs and deliberately yielding an unrealistic amount to underpay coverage....
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Chad T. Wilson Law Firm Outplays State Farm For years, insurance companies like State Farm have taken advantage of policyholders through misuse of Texas insurance law. The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm is fighting to stop this abuse. Attorney Stephen Mengis leads the firm’s charge in protecting its clients against State Farm’s misguided practice. “State Farm uses appraisal...
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Insurance Lobbyists Threaten Homeowner Rights … Again You may not realize it, but during the 2015 Texas legislative session, you almost lost every right your property insurance policy gives you. SB 1628 Last year, Larry Taylor, a state senator and insurance agent from Galveston, proposed SB 1628. Industry insiders wrote this bill to undo 40 years...
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Houston Man Sued Allstate Our Client Sued Allstate Our client, a man whose home was damaged when a severe storm passed through Houston, Texas,  sued Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company and its adjuster after they conducted a substandard and improper inspection of our client’s property, grossly undervaluing the cost of repairs and deliberately yielding an...
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Texas Farm Bureau Leaves Policyholder High and Dry In early May, 2016, severe thunder, wind and hailstorms ripped across Willis, Texas, their malevolent currents crashing through the small town. Our client, a man in Montgomery County, Texas, found his home a victim of the storm’s violence. After the hailstorm, he immediately filed a claim with his homeowner’s insurance...
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GuideOne Insurance Fraud of Biblical Proportions On Halloween, 2015, the skies darkened, lightening illuminated the sky, and thunder clapped in a cacophonous foretelling of the truly terrifying night and days ahead. In an almost storybook turn of events, the storm whipped around a church in Silsbee, Texas, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake....
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Geovera Plays Games; Homeowners Not Amused In early May, 2015, hailstorms and thunderstorms ripped through southeastern Texas, leaving behind destroyed homes and damaged lives in their wake. Our clients, a couple in Harris County, Texas, and their home were no exception. Geovera Insurance denied our client’s damage claims. After the hailstorm, they immediately filed a...
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  Was your Insurance Claim denied? It’s a safe haven. It’s where you can unwind at the end of a long day. It’s where the heart is. It’s home. But suddenly, the oasis that you’ve worked hard to own is ravaged by a hail storm, or hurricane, or freeze. Then, your insurance company decides that there...
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