Insurance Lobbyists Threaten Homeowner Rights … Again


Insurance Lobbyists Threaten Homeowner Rights … Again

You may not realize it, but during the 2015 Texas legislative session, you almost lost every right your property insurance policy gives you.

SB 1628

Last year, Larry Taylor, a state senator and insurance agent from Galveston, proposed SB 1628. Industry insiders wrote this bill to undo 40 years of protections that ensure insurance companies are fair. Backed by an army of highly paid insurance lobbyists, the bill would have ripped through the laws that currently keep insurance companies honest.

Meaning you would barely have time to file a claim after a storm. Insurance companies would have incentives – yes, incentives – to deny or underpay your claim. And, even the adjuster who came out and lied through his teeth about your hail damage being “wear and tear” would have gotten off scott-free.

Phew. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that liberty and justice prevailed last year, and your rights are still protected.

At least for now.

Insurance Lobbyists Fight to Take Rights

On October 5th, the insurance lobbyists will return. The industry will work itself to the bone to guarantee it can deny, delay and underpay your claims with zero accountability.

You pay a premium so that you can rest easy knowing that you won’t lose everything you have during the next severe storm. Even so, it’s in your insurer’s best interest to deny or underpay your claim by whatever means necessary – fraud, negligence or simply utter incompetence. That’s why the current strict laws with harsh penalties are essential to protect your rights as a policyholder.

This session, those rights will, once again, be in jeopardy. Legislative committees will meet with industry insiders to decide your and your family’s fate. While no bill has been proposed, these legislators will discuss weather-related litigation, educated only by the propaganda the insurance lobbyists will spew.

Take Action

So, how do you make sure your rights are protected?

  1. Call or email your state senator to voice your concerns and give your testimony to be included in the meeting records.
  2. Find a special interest group that will represent you through formal letters, petitions and testimony.
  3. Get a great lawyer. The experienced attorneys at Chad T. Wilson Law Firm fight for our clients’ rights every single day. We’ve represented more than 1,000 homeowners to get them the insurance payments they rightfully deserve.

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