Our client, an apartment complex, was recently forced to file a lawsuit against Scottsdale Insurance Company and its adjusters. The complex suffered extensive damages when a severe storm passed through Dallas, Texas in March 2013. After the hail had passed, our client found themselves in a storm of Scottsdale’s fraud and deceit.

March 9, 2013 Storm

On March 9, 2013, a severe wind- and hailstorm bombarded Dallas County, Texas, tearing through neighborhoods and destroying homes as it went. Our client became one of the storm’s many victims when every roof in the complex was damaged. After the storm, the complex submitted a claim to Scottsdale, hoping it would help take care of its residents’ homes.

Scottsdale Insurance Company Property Insurance Claim

Scottsdale hired Wardlaw Claims Service LLC, which then assigned an agent to adjust the claim. The adjusters estimated the damages to be around $240,000 and authorized the replacement of all nine of the property’s roofs.

But, when it came time to apply the deductible, Scottsdale got caught double dipping. According to the complex’s policy, the deductible for the claim would be $57,572. According to the adjusters, who either negligently or deliberately misconstrued the policy, the deductible would be $25,000 per building, for a $225,000 total deductible.

Because of Wardlaw’s and its agent’s incompetence, our client was paid only 16 percent of what they were owed.

Due to Scottsdale’s fraud, our client was unable to complete any meaningful repairs to the apartment buildings. They were forced to retain an attorney to pursue their claim for insurance benefits. On August 18, 2016, the Chad T. Wilson Law Firm filed suit, on behalf of our client, against Scottsdale Insurance Company and Wardlaw Claims Service LLC for fraud, breach of contract, negligence, gross negligence and violations of the Texas Insurance Code and the Texas DTPA.

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