Port Aransas Flattened, But Not Forgotten

Hurricane Harvey Damage in Texas

At least 150,000 Texas properties were affected by Hurricane Harvey damage. Damage to the island community of Port Aransas was described as “100 percent damaged”. Our client’s home was one of those properties. Some properties are still trying to recover, even 3 years later.

Hurricane Harvey Pounds Port Aransas
On August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey barreled through Port Aransas, inflicting tremendous damage as it passed. Our clients’ home sustained extensive damage from the metal roofing panels being blown off of the home’s structure caused by the Category 4 winds. After the hurricane, our clients promptly submitted a homeowners insurance claim to TWIA, hoping the insurance giant would help them repair their home.

TWIA Gets It Twisted
As with most insurance policies, the client had a duty to mitigate his damages. Not wanting to leave his home exposed to the elements, the client paid out of pocket for a new roof. Even with receipts in hand, TWIA refused to reimburse for the new roof. TWIA had sent their adjusters out three times to inspect the property, but continued to deny coverage on the roof – all while the windows of the home had been shattered, the sheetrock had been ripped from the walls and trim boards were missing throughout the home. TWIA refused to reimburse for the roof, although the client had photos and invoices showing the roof had to be replaced due solely to Hurricane Harvey. 

TWIA agreed to pay for miscellaneous exterior and interior damage, but not the costly metal roof.  After applying the $35,000 deductible, our client was left without the funds necessary to continue on other necessary repairs.

Our third-party adjuster estimated the real damage to our client’s home at over $100k.

TWIA’s actions forced our client to retain an attorney so he could receive compensation for the new roof for his home. Late in 2019, the Chad T. Wilson Law Firm filed suit, on behalf of our client, against TWIA. The case was later settled during mediation netting an additional $40,000 for our client.

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