North Texas Couple Sues for Roof Relief after Roof Damage

Our Tarrant County client sued Metropolitan Lloyds after their adjuster performed a subpar inspection of our client’s wind and hail roof damage.  Metropolitan Lloyds severely undervalued our client’s claims, leaving them with no option but to sue and seek out our expert home insurance claims attorneys. With the history of high winds and tornadoes in this area, it was only a matter of time before nature would take its toll.

On April 2, 2017, a powerful storm blew through Tarrant County. The wind and hail created during the storm caused shingles to come loose and be blown away, exposing our client’s roof damage. 

It’s What You Know, Not WhoMetropolitan Lloyds sent their adjuster out to inspect our client’s roof damage. This adjuster had no working knowledge of slate-type roofs. The adjuster’s lack of experience, in the end, resulted in the denial of the property damage claim our client made after the storm. 

A third-party adjuster inspected the roof and determined the real property damage to be over $100,000.00. The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm sued Metropolitan Lloyds for their mishandling of our client’s home insurance claim. Ultimately, our clients received more than the estimation as the case was settled out of court.

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