September 2023: Central Texas hail the size of baseballs causes damage to property owners

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September 25, 2023
Updated: September 25, 2023 11:20 a.m.
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A weather alert was reported in Central Texas when hail the size of baseballs caused damage to property owners this past weekend.

Sunday night, severe storms swept through Central Texas, producing large hail. Police in Round Rock report that numerous residences and businesses sustained significant property damage. Additionally, there were sporadic power disruptions brought on by the storm.

Central Texas hail the size of baseballs caused damage to property owners

The City of Austin’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management division issued the following advice if your property has hail damage:

  • If you have insurance, get in touch with your agent to submit a claim.
  • Before cleaning up, take pictures and establish a note of all the damages you have.
  • Keep all of your invoices for cleaning and repairing damage.
  • Be wary of unauthorized door-to-door proposals for home remodeling. Your best bet, if your house requires repairs, is to contact a few local home repair companies and then check their references.
  • Selecting a contractor with a recognized physical address is a smart idea. In case issues emerge, you should make sure you can track down everybody who worked on your home.

On Sunday night, the City of Round Rock announced that it was one of the storm’s victims as well. 

In order to submit a claim to your insurance agent or firm, the TDI advised that you should: 

  • Make a note of everyone you spoke with about your business or home.
  • Be prepared to respond to inquiries on the damage.
  • If you require assistance right away, inquire about an advance payment.
  • Ask about the cost of living. If you are unable to reside in your home due to damage that is covered by your insurance, the majority of plans will help with some of your costs. Maintain your receipts for these expenses.

Call the Red Cross at 800-733-2767 if you require emergency shelter, food, or water.

TDI advises the following when it comes to fixing any harm to your property:

  • Make certain that your adjuster and firm have your current phone number.
  • Ensure that the street can see your address. You might need to put up a sign in the yard with your address on it.
  • When the adjuster comes, make an effort to be present and point out all damage.
  • Before you settle the claim, get several quotes from contractors and evaluate them in comparison to the adjuster’s report.
  • Keep the receipts for the deductible you paid on the claim. 

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