Texans Still Feel Uri’s Cold Shoulder

Winter Storm Uri left millions of Texans without power, water, food, and emergency services for days. Some rural areas saw these outages for weeks. Not since Hurricane Harvey had there been a more costly natural disaster, with damages in the excess of $100 billion dollars state-wide.

All 254 Texas counties experienced the freeze to some degree. Aside from the lack of power and water, multiple Texas residents also had to manage winter storm damage from frozen pipe bursts and flooding to roof damage from frozen trees and fallen branches. Many Texans are still wondering what can be done to recover from the damages the brutal winter storm caused to their homes and businesses.

Winter Freeze Insurance Claims Process
Homes and businesses built in Texas were not constructed to withstand extremely lengthy freezing temperatures. As a result, when the electrical grid failed, local way stations could not provide the water pressure necessary to keep water from becoming stationary in pipes across millions of neighborhoods and businesses. Plummeting temperatures caused the water to freeze and expand, and plumbing pipes began breaking, causing water leaks within homes, businesses, retail shops, churches, and more.

Prior to filing a claim, policyholders should understand the terms of their insurance coverage and the extent of the damage caused by the winter storm. Having a home or business fixed can be difficult. With property damage reaching across nearly every county in Texas, plumbers, roofers, and contractors are in high demand.

Insurance companies are explicit about the steps you must take after a storm and the criteria that must be met to have any hope of getting the insurance policy to pay out on your claim. If you are unable to meet those requirements, your odds of a full recovery decrease. Insurers deny claims all the time. Having your insurance claim reviewed prior to submitting it will assist in a smoother claims resolution process and increase the likelihood of your claim being accepted.

Statute of Limitations Expires Soon
The Statute of limitations for Winter Storm Uri property damage ends February 2023. Homes and businesses need to take advantage of this fast-approaching deadline. If the insurance company is stalling or delaying your insurance claim settlement, or if the payment you received on your insurance policy does not cover all the damages, call the Chad T. Wilson law firm today! Time is running out on your winter storm damages. Do not miss the deadline to file!

Texas Winter Storm Attorneys
We understand that recovering from a disaster can be an exhausting, disorganized, and confusing process. Our expert winter storm attorneys will aggressively go after your insurance company. Call us for a free case review. If we do not win, we do not get paid.

Property damage only gets worse over time. If the insurance company did not fully repair your winter storm property damage, then maximize your insurance claim settlement and contact the Chad T. Wilson law firm today!

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