When you see a doctor, you expect that they will take their time to do their job and understand the need for your visit. When investing money in a business opportunity, you would want to review all available information to make the best decision for your money. The same may be said when taking your car into the shop. When purchasing a service, the reason for your visit is more important than how fast you get the service.

More insurance carriers are making it easier for first-time homeowners to get home insurance. Obtaining property insurance expeditiously is important. Larger insurance companies can move quickly when it comes to purchasing insurance and smaller insurance companies are following the trend. What is the best insurance and what can you do to avoid making a mistake when purchasing it?

When an insurance provider rushes through the purchasing process without thoroughly understanding the perils the policyholder needs coverage for and their financial responsibilities, they disadvantage the insurance industry and the products they sell. Putting sales before customer service and focusing on profits instead of getting to know the customer and what coverages they need is shameful.

Homeowner’s insurance or any type of insurance for that matter is a serious subject. Inadequate coverage can result in financial catastrophe. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, they cannot increase their profits if they roll over and pay every insurance claim but viewing insurance as a simple means to make money is wrong. People need insurance. People need to be protected.

Insurance is something people know they need but hate to pay for. The average insurance customer may never fully know the value of the protection purchased and the importance of their agent for months, maybe years (if ever), until something happens that causes the customer to file an insurance claim.

When filing an insurance claim, the customer expects their insurance company to deliver on all that was promised. That leaves clients feeling doubtful because they are looking for palpable indications that the insurance claims process will proceed as promised when they bought the policy. Without an insurance claim, other than the paperwork for the insurance policy (which feels useless when staring through a hole in the ceiling), there is no tangible representation of the insurance product.

If you do not have the right insurance, you could find yourself in a significant financial hole. A thoughtful conversation with an insurance agent can help you avoid these errors.

Too many insurance leaders could not care less and are in a rush to put profits over the quality of service needed to adequately market their product to their customers. An experienced insurance agent who uses their knowledge and judgment is far more important to the customer than how fast a customer can get insurance.

Insurance agents are responsible for selling these important financial products. The more time they get to spend with their customers, the better they can understand the customers and which insurance products their customers need. We find it ironic that the same people pushing their insurance agents to sell insurance quickly are also the same people responsible for handling insurance claims.

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