PA (Public Adjuster)

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PA (Public Adjuster)

Who are Public Adjusters and what do they do?

A PA (Public Adjuster) is privately hired by the insured (client) in attempt to resolve the claim. A PA does not work for the insurance company and works based off a contingency fee. Common fee is 10% of the payment that the carrier pays to the insured.

You can employ a public adjuster to discuss a settlement with your insurance company when your claim is denied or underpaid. If you engage a public adjuster, your insurance company may be prohibited from communicating with you about your claim, which makes it easier to file a law suit against them. The public adjuster should look at your damaged property, contact your insurance company, and get a higher settlement after they work with a lawyer.

It can be helpful to consult with a public adjuster. Requesting assistance from them after suffering an insured property loss is a step a homeowner can undertake. The sooner you call a public adjuster, the sooner they will assist you in working with a lawyer.

If you’ve already decided to sue your insurance company, call the Chad T. Wilson Law Firm yourself. Obtain references that demonstrate a successful track record of settling property insurance claims, rather than merely a grasp of property law.

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Speak with a property damage attorney if you’re having trouble getting your claim processed or if the insurance company is attempting to pay less for the claim than is reasonable.

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