Sever hail damage to roof

Mineola, Texas is a small community in Wood County about 80 miles east of Dallas. Mineola is a railroad town and can trace its roots back as far as 1873. With a population just under five-thousand, life in this small Texas town tends to move at a slower pace. Some insurance companies prey on these areas. Such was the case for our clients, whose home was savagely beaten by the hailstorm the night of June 19, 2019.

We Will Not Be Railroaded

That night hail pounded Wood County, dropping hail the size of golf balls in some areas. The roof damage to our client’s home was so severe that rainwater had penetrated through the damaged portions of the roof and saturated sheetrock and carpeting throughout the home.

After completing a homeowner’s insurance claim with their insurer, our clients’ claim was denied. Refusing to accept a denial as the outcome, our clients’ pleaded with their insurer. The insurance company in turn sent out an engineer to inspect the roof damage. The engineer’s assessment was that the property damage should be covered, but the amount of the damage was under the deductible.

Insurance Company Has One Track Mind

Knowing that they were in for a hard fight if they wanted any form of recovery, our clients hired us to represent them. The Chad T. Wilson Law Firm sent our clients’ insurer a demand letter that let the insurer know our client’s were serious about their claim. Upon receiving the demand letter, the insurer reversed course and agreed to pay for the roof and interior damage.

From start to finish, this case was resolved in 30 days. There was no need for mediation or court.

Texas Property Insurance Lawyers

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